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13th March 2024

Norwegian Seafood Council takes YNCOTY winner Sam Dixon on ‘inspirational’ study trip

Written by: Edward Waddell
One of the UK’s top emerging chef talents Sam Dixon, who won the Craft Guild of Chefs Young National Chef of the Year competition, joined a group of international food influencers on an ‘inspirational’ study trip to Norway.

The trip, which was organised by the Norwegian Seafood Council, aimed to discover why origin matters when it comes to sustainable seafood while getting a taste of the fjord to plate journey of the celebrated Norwegian seafood.

The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the heritage and qualities of seafood from Norway and get first-hand experience of Norwegian seafood delicacies that will be featured when chefs compete in the European selection for the Bocuse d’Or in Trondheim, Norway, later this month (19–20th March).

Commencing the journey from the heart of the seasonal cod phenomenon with skrei fishing, Sam Dixon of Northcote and cohorts were treated to an array of authentic Norwegian seafood experiences. 

This included a scenic fishing trip to the coastal fishing grounds near Svolvær and Henningsvær. The group also met with local experts, seafood producers and the ‘Skrei police’ represented by the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organisation

Exploring Norway’s cold, clear waters and communities, the group got to experience first-hand how local fishers, producers and chefs are ensuring quality and the craftmanship that goes into preserving the regions prized catches from nose to tail.

Dixon, who enjoyed the trip as part of his prize win in 2023, said: “During our trip we got to learn more about and taste some incredible seafood that encapsulate what seafood from Norway and Norwegian cooking is all about. Using the whole skrei from nose to tail and creating menus of all parts of the fish.”

Fishing communities have been the ‘beating heart’ of Norway for thousands of years. Continued development and innovation in the seafood industry are paired with genuine respect for the sea and its management.

Bocuse d’Or candidates will be asked to cook the premium and seasonal Skrei, exclusively from Norway; handpicked scallops from Frøya, Norway, and using Norwegian stockfish, a unique traditional product of skrei cod, dried outdoors taking advantage of the natural conditions of Northern Norway, as one of the garnishes.

Victoria Braathen, UK director for the Norwegian Seafood Council, added: “It was a pleasure to welcome such a talented group of young and established chefs and hospitality influencers to Norway to showcase our rich fishing culture and quality seafood.

“With the European Bocuse D’or platter 2024 celebrating Norwegian seafood in Trondheim later this month, it has been a great opportunity to showcase the homeland of these delicacies and demonstrate first-hand why origin matters when it comes to sustainable seafood.”

The trip concluded with a celebratory seafood masterclass hosted by chef and proprietor of Lofoten Food Studio, Roy Magne Berglund, and celebrated Norwegian top chef Sven Erik Renaa, behind the two Michelin-starred restaurant RE-NAA in Stavanger in Norway.

Chef Renaa commented: “We have a fantastic long coastline with cold, pristine waters, abundant with sea life. The fish thrives in this environment and it’s a pleasure to work with such exceptional ingredients.”

The Norwegian Seafood Council UK is proud sponsor of the Young National Chef of the Year. The Norwegian Seafood Council is also a premium partner to the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2024.