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We’re here to reduce your pain at work, get a 10% off discount exclusive to members: CGC10 at

Shoes that increase your wellbeing?

Yes, really.

We’re a leading shoe manufacturer set out to increase health and wellbeing for people on their feet all day and reduce pain for these people. Did you know that 90% of workers that spend the majority of the working day on their feet have experience pain in the last 12 months as a result of their work?

Being on your feet al day has a huge impact on the body and leads to a real problem in health and wellbeing, particularly musculoskeletal disorders (technical word for pain!).

We work with the Salford University to study movement and biomechanics and how this has an impact on the body. This helps us design shoes specifically for you, reducing pain and fatigue at the end of long shifts.

The WearerTech Impact

It’s fairly obvious that when you’re comfortable you give more than when you’re in pain. We always knew that but one of our global customers has carried out an independent study which told us something pretty incredible…

After wearing WearerTech’s, the supervisor recorded:

  • A 26.2% increase in productivity
  • An 85% increase in customer experience
  • 38% more employee engagement

These results have blown us away. The fact that such significant impact can be made by simply changing the type of footwear is immense. WearerTech allows you to take that existing expense and turn it into a productivity driving investment. Use discount code CGC10 at

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Lakeland Dairies Foodservice

Lakeland Dairies Foodservice
Exclusively for the month of February 2023, dairy experts Lakeland Dairies Foodservice are offering a special free dairy pack to members who renew or join in the month of February.

Each pack will include 1L of their deliciously versatile Millac Gold Double and 1L of their premium Lakeland Dairies Real Dairy Whipping Cream.

Lakeland Dairies Real Dairy Whipping Cream

Their indulgent real dairy cream with 35% dairy fat is excellent for pastry and dessert needs. Great whipping and piping stability means deliciously rich creamy pastries, and it carries the Craft Guild of Chefs product endorsement.

Millac Gold Double

Their versatile cream alternative has fantastic functional performance and a delicious dairy taste. Its excellent stability credentials make it fantastic for banqueting and ideal for everyday whipping, piping and cooking needs. It whips up to three times its volume and also carries the Craft Guild of Chefs product endorsement.

Steeped in Irish Heritage, Lakeland Dairies makes this offer to Craft Guild of Chefs members as it launches its annual Celebrate Green campaign, celebrating their farmer's lush green pastures and excellence in dairy farming.

With a focal point on St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March 2023, the campaign runs through February and March 2023. Lakeland Dairies are also inviting all chefs to celebrate with them with a chance to win a £500 amazon voucher and 5x Lakeland Dairies delicious hampers, filled with high quality dairy from the Island of Ireland. ENTER HERE:

Renowned for its convenient, and innovative dairy products, which include milk, creams, cream alternatives and butter, Lakeland Dairies uses high-quality milk produced from cows grazing on lush green pastures on its 3200 family-owned farms.

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Whisky World

Whisky World
The Whisky World is offering members of the Craft Guild of Chefs an amazing 5% discount when they place an order on Request the code by emailing the Craft Guild of Chefs ([email protected]) to take advantage of the offer.

Offering exceptional collections of premium spirits, The Whisky World is an upmarket alcohol retailer that promises a special online shopping experience. With a knowledgeable team of experts behind the scenes dedicated to selecting the very best whiskies, spirits and liqueurs from around the world, you can be assured that each collection and brand stocked is an astounding addition to any drinks lovers collection.

At The Whisky World, you will find everything from rare and collectable whiskies to the latest bottlings and special blends from global brands such as Balvenie, Glendronach and Macallan.

View the complete range of whiskies and spirits at The Whisky World today, and take advantage of the latest releases and offers.

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Classic Wine Library

Classic Wine Library
The offer code is CHEFSPECIAL15.

This allows members 15% off Classic Wine Library books purchased here: It’s valid from today until the end of November 2021. 

The Classic Wine Library was set up to enlighten and entertain those serious about wine (and a few other drinks too). The series has a history stretching back more than fifty years and has been published by Infinite Ideas since 2013.

Books are detailed enough to provide plenty of information – much of which is not available anywhere else – for students of wine, sommeliers and others who work in the wine industry.

The series is also accessible enough to be enjoyed by anybody with an enthusiasm for wine. All the authors are expert in their subject, many are Masters of Wine and all have years of experience in the wine industry. Not only that, but the whole series is edited and curated by an editorial board.

Sarah Jane Evans MW, Richard Mayson and James Tidwell MS are well-known in the wine industry and their expertise and opinions are widely respected. Each title is commissioned based on their recommendations and the manuscript assessed thoroughly by one or more of the editorial board before being published.

This rigorous approach makes these wine books distinctively authoritative: in a world of dubious information, the Classic Wine Library is one-resource serious wine lovers and professionals can really trust.

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We at VASO are offering up members of the Craft Guild of Chefs a 15% discount this is exclusive to members and the code is: GUILDCHEF.

“With billions of plastic disposable straws being put in general waste per year, we are starting to face the issue of these straws ending up in landfill, our oceans and the environment in general. Due to the environmental impact and impending UK & EU bans of single use straws in 2020 / 2021, consumers are starting to look for reusable solutions.

This is why VASO have created a range of premium glass straws offer consumers a reusable, sustainable and recyclable product that delivers a 100% pure taste as they are free from plastics, toxins, mineral oils and BPA. The straws are also easy to clean, simply place them with your glassware in the sink or in the dishwasher.

The VASO product range offers consumers an environmentally friendly solution of high quality, reusable products. Our glass straws are produced in Germany from strong, premium quality glass. The structure and glass quality have been engineered to provide a safe alternative to disposable straws. We also offer a range of high quality bamboo travel cases, designed specifically for our three lengths of straws.

Each of our products and their packaging are created from sustainable materials, that are fully recyclable. Our entire range, from inception to production have been designed to meet our philosophy of delivering eco-friendly, reusable, sustainable and recyclable products that deliver a fantastic experience for the customer, without compromising quality.”

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The Wasabi Company

The Wasabi Company
For a 12-month period from 01/10/20, The Wasabi Company is offering a 10% discount to any orders placed by members of the Craft Guild of Chefs. Simply quote Code: CraftGuild when placing your order on

With farms in Hampshire and Dorset, The Wasabi Company is the only grower of wasabi in the UK. The plants are grown in (disused) Victorian watercress beds to mimic the Japanese mountainside, their native environment.

The Wasabi Company cultivates tens of thousands of wasabi plants, yielding up to 2 tons of wasabi a year. Everything is done by hand from the planting and harvesting of the plants, to the preparation of the rhizomes for their customers. The plants take two years to mature so it’s been a long journey, learning about the foibles of the plant as they’ve gone along, but it’s been worth it, and they now supply many of the UK’s top restaurants including Umu, Ynyshir Hall, Gordon Ramsay and The Raby Hunt.

As well as growing fresh wasabi, The Wasabi Company also sells an extensive range of Japanese products from small artisanal producers and makes a range of Wasabi Company own-label products including the only mustard and mayonnaise containing fresh wasabi, a wasabi vodka and various products that feature the classic Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu, many of which have been awarded Great Taste Awards.

All the products can be viewed and bought from

The Products 

Although fresh English wasabi remains the beating heart of The Wasabi Company, product expansion has been, and is, customer led as top chefs have asked for ever more specialist Japanese products to accompany their fresh wasabi orders.

This has resulted in The Wasabi Company developing an exciting and unique portfolio of specialist ingredients and products, many of which are exclusive to the UK. They work with a number of small, artisanal Japanese producers to supply top quality soy sauces, vinegars, sakes, miso and noodles to name but a few of the products on offer.

The Wasabi Company has also launched its own-label range of condiments and sauces including English wasabi mayonnaise, English wasabi mustard, Yuzu mayonnaise & Yuzu mustard. Using all-natural ingredients these products are fresh tasting with perfectly balanced flavours and packed with citrus and umami, the very essence of Japanese cuisine. Originally aimed at the retail market, these are now also available to the HORECA sector.

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Women in Food

Women in Food

Female Voices in The Craft Guild of Chefs
At Women In The Food Industry we are delighted to partner with The Craft Guild of Chefs. Established in 1965 as a Guild of the Cookery and Food Association, the Craft Guild of Chefs has developed into the leading Chefs’ Association in the UK and has many members worldwide. Look out for some exciting offers for our members and also news from the Guild’s annual National Chef of the Year Awards.  We spoke to three female members of the Guild about their experience, how the industry has been for female chefs / managers and what piece of wisdom they would give to their younger self right now.

Join for free using code: CGOC100WIFI

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Kelly's Cause

Kelly's Cause
We are offering up a 50% reduction to their courses by using the code: CRAFTGUILD50

Kelly’s Cause Foundation is a charity that aims to create a mentally healthy hospitality industry for all through Mental Health First Aid training, awareness-raising, and stigma reduction. Kelly’s Cause was founded in honour of Kelly, a young, talented chef who sadly took her own life at just 23. 
Kelly’s Cause are excited to be able to deliver their two-day hospitality Mental Health First Aid course in-person again.  
Participants on the course will learn practical skills to spot the signs of a number of different mental health issues and develop the confidence needed to support a person in a mental health crisis using the Mental Health First Aid action plan. They’ll also obtain a wealth of resources that can be used to assist others, and develop an understanding of how to look after their own well being while performing their duties as a Mental Health First Aider.

Our members receive a 50% discount for all Kelly’s Cause courses using the code CRAFTGUILD50.

To register or find out more information about the course click here. They also offer in-house courses for hospitality businesses looking to create a mentally healthy workplace with eight or more staff to train. For more information on these please email [email protected]

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CODE Hospitality

CODE Hospitality
40% discount for members

Craft Guild of Chefs offer: save over 4O% + 1 month free

A digital members’ club for the hospitality industry Save up to 5O% when you dine out

Exclusive member offers and perks. 

View offer and how to join

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hospital medical care association

Hospital and Medical Care Association

Hospital and Medical Care Association
The Craft Guild of Chefs has agreed with HMCA to offer discounted rates for medical plans, dental plan, hospital cash plans, travel plan, income protection and vehicle breakdown products.

Are you paying too much for your present private medical plan? Why not take a look at the HMCA plans and compare the benefits and subscriptions offered? You may transfer to HMCA at any age and without a medical examination; there will be no break in protection and there is a 14 day money-back guarantee.

HMCA only offer medical plans to membership groups and can offer up to a 40% discount off the underwriter’s standard rates. This is a comprehensive plan which provides generous cash benefits for surgery and other charges

Who are HMCA? - HMCA has specialised in providing benefits and services to associations and professional groups since the 1970s. HMCA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

For further information and quotations contact HMCA by telephone on 01423 799949 or visit the exclusive HMCA Craft Guild of Chefs website here:

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RH Hall

RH Hall
The Best Chefs only use the Best Outdoor Cooking Systems…

…Get your sales sizzling all year round! Crown Verity provides the complete outdoor cooking system, with a range of grills to suit every user from the publican with a small outdoor space to the busy event caterer looking for the ultimate outdoor cooking solution. Every model in the range is built to the same high specification using only the finest materials and workmanship throughout and has the option to be modified to suit any requirement with slot together accessories, allowing you to upgrade your grill and enhance your BBQ menu!

Click here to see the full offer…

36 Month Seasonal Low Payment Scheme
Payments from just £35 a month!

Or click here to save £££’s and purchase outright now!

Click here for a demo!

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Cavity Protection Systems

10% off deal

Special Offer for Craft Guild of Chef members:
Receive 10% off the price of your liner or get a FREE liner when you purchase a commercial microwave from Regale, our associate company. Just call 01329 285518 and quote “CGMEM”.

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Craft Guild of Chefs Whites

Order your chef whites from Russums embroidered with the Craft Guild of Chefs emblem.

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Enjoy everything that Oranka offers with free on loan dispensers and no contract!

We’re here to make your life easier. People love quality and your customers are no different. So, whatever your fruit juice and smoothie needs, we know we can come up with the perfect approach.

Our products, dispensing and presentation solutions are designed to give your customers well-presented healthier drink options, balanced through-out the day…whatever your hospitality environment!

All Craft Guild members are eligible for free on loan dispensers and no contract with Oranka Juice Solutions*.

What are we all about?

  • Extensive choice
    Freshly pressed, not from concentrate, ice teas or multivitamin drinks…or maybe vitamin packed super juices and smoothies.
  • Variety and diversity
    Seasonal flavours, organic, Fairtrade and low sugar products suitable for diabetics.
  • Tailored approach
    We’ve been around a while, so know what works whether for a hotel, spa, leisure, travel hub, foodservice, education or care setting.
  • Ideal day parted solution
    Easily adapt and change your drinks, flavours and dispensers to suit the time of day.
  • Join up seamlessly
    Tried and tested dispensing and presentation concepts, with juices that can be stored at room temperature unopened for 12 months and reduce packaging waste by up to 95%.

Plus with Oranka you can keep customers safe and maintain social distancing with a range of options to make self-dispensing safer. This includes the uniquely designed and developed Stay Safe Adaptor to be used with our Yorkshire Dispenser taps to still create a stylish offering while ensuring your guests remain safe. Or take your pick from one of the Grab ‘n’ Go options – fill your own, cartons or glass bottles – all packed with the refreshing juices and smoothies that Oranka are renowned for.

For further information, contact Oranka on 0330 998 0555, email i[email protected] or visit

*Minimum usage applies

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