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Endorsed Scheme

Shine a little brighter with the Craft Guild of Chefs Product Endorsement Programme

Your product will be tested by a panel of three chefs over a minimum two-week period (time scale dependent on product): You can specify the make up of the panel, i.e. Cost Sector, Profit Sector or both; these can be subdivided into Pub, Restaurant, Banqueting, Contract, Ethnic And Education.

Or leave it to us.

You will be asked to provide a questionnaire for the panel, we would urge you to make it as comprehensive as possible, once the testing is complete the originals will be kept on file at our Head Office in Richmond and a copy will be sent to you.

Once the product has passed the testing stage and for an annual usage fee you may use the approved logo and text.

IMPORTANT should the product fail the testing, providing you resubmit the product within a 90-day period from notification of failure, then a retest would be carried out.

All approved products will be promoted on the Guild’s website and within Stockpot magazine as a part of the fee.

This programme is only available to business partners of the guild.

Our logo is instantly recognisable and highly respected within the industry.

Once your product has been tested by a panel of three working chefs from our membership you will have the right to use the full weight of our logo, including the all important wording “approved product” on your packaging and promotional literature.

For more information, including prices, please contact:

Andrew Green
The Craft Guild of Chefs
1 Victoria Parade
331 Sandycombe Road