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British Student Culinary Championships 2022 opens for entries

The British Student Culinary Championships (BSCC), which is scheduled to take place from 25-26 October at Central Bedfordshire College, offers student chefs their first taste of competition experience.

The BSCC has categories including live hot, live cold, restaurant, display, bakery and food photography open for entries.

Open to both juniors and seniors, and this year for the first time there are two classes for schoolchildren, with the aim to get them interested in food. The classes for school children are free to enter, with other classes £10 unless stated.

The whole reason for doing these local salons is to give students their first taste of competitions, as well as the chance to meet others, forge relationships and help progress their careers.

Andrew Green, chief executive of the Craft Guild of Chefs, said: “The Guild has always been at the forefront of developing and nurturing chef talent and this championship is an important step in that process for our young chefs.”

For more details and the entry form, click on the document below.

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