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27th March 2023

Indeed Flex finds demand for UK hospitality workers soars by 46%

Written by: Edward Waddell
The demand for UK hospitality workers has risen by 46% compared to pre-pandemic levels with the number of online job adverts for staff in the North East also more than doubling, according to an analysis by Indeed Flex, an online staffing platform for temporary work.

London had the highest total number of job vacancies, with 10,460 positions advertised online in December 2022, an increase of 26% compared to pre-pandemic levels. The biggest jump in demand for hospitality workers is in the North East, while Scotland saw a 61% increase in job adverts towards the end of 2022.

Recent research from Indeed Flex found 58% of businesses will be turning to temporary workers to support their permanent teams this year.

Novo Constare, chief executive and co-founder of Indeed Flex, said: “The hospitality sector is not alone in its struggle to fill positions — it’s a problem facing most sectors right now. But during the pandemic, hospitality was one of the sectors hit the hardest. Many businesses were forced to close for long periods and thousands of people were furloughed or made redundant. 

“The uncertainty in the hospitality sector made many workers look for other employment. Unfortunately, not all staff have returned. On top of rising costs and stretched budgets, it’s a difficult position for companies to be in and many businesses have come to see temporary staff as a vital resource. Indeed Flex gives employers access to a pool of skilled temporary workers, many of whom will work regularly for the same company, plus the flexibility to dial staff numbers up or down as the business’s needs change.”