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6th October 2022

Marine Conservation Society publishes Good Fish Guide

Written by: Edward Waddell
The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has published their Good Fish Guide, which shows that affordable and ocean-friendly seafood options are available.

The guide uses a simple traffic light system to help consumers and businesses make sustainable seafood choices. Green are the best choice, amber are an acceptable choice but improvements are needed and red indicates unsustainable fish to avoid.

Key points from the guide:

  • Affordable and sustainable seafood options are possible, especially when it comes to tinned or frozen seafood 
  • Tinned fish goes a long way, providing a budget-friendly meal with plenty of flavour
  • The seafood checker helps shoppers to find a sustainability rating

Jack Clarke, sustainable seafood advocate at the Marine Conservation Society said: “Tinned fish is an ocean friendly, store cupboard staple. There are certified sustainable options for sardines, anchovies and tuna, all of which could create the base for a thrifty mid-week meal. North Sea and MSC-certified herring stay on the green list and are also a great choice, available smoked or tinned.

“Most major retailers offer green rated options for breaded fish, from fingers to fillets. Frozen fish is a great option for your wallet and the planet. If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet. Freezing fish extends its shelf life and makes it easy to knock up a delicious, sustainable seafood dinner.”