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veg power in season
21st May 2020

Veg champions urged to support campaign to promote in-season produce

Written by: David Foad
With schools closed to all except the children of key workers, and restaurants still in lockdown, not-for-profit community interest company Veg Power is mobilising food writers, chefs, nutritionists, and other food system influencers to advocate seasonal veg on their blogs, tweets and press activities.

The organisation said it acted after it received reports of a risk of local seasonal vegetables destined for the food services sector going to waste, while other veg is in short supply.

A Veg Power spokesman said: “Collectively we can reach millions, and if we unify around a simple hashtag we can amplify that message.

“Together we can swing people’s choice towards the wonderful veg coming into season, support the frontline food heroes working hard to bring their crops to our tables and do our bit to reduce waste during the pandemic.

“What are we asking you to do? We are asking you to do what you already do. Whether you create recipes, report on the food sector, or inspire healthier eating please could you do so with a little more focus on the vegetables in season and use the campaign hashtag.

“Wide use of the same hashtag creates momentum around the idea and with your support seasonal vegetables can start to trend – we might even make radishes fashionable.

“The campaign hashtag is #SeasonalVeg, which we have chosen for its simplicity and brand neutrality – we’re not asking you to promote Veg Power, just #SeasonalVeg.”