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3rd June 2020

Younger age groups lead nation’s revival of interest in cooking

Written by: David Foad
Lockdown has had a positive effect on the nation’s cooking habits, according to new figures released today. Over two thirds (67%) of Britons say they are cooking meals from scratch more regularly since it began rather than eating as many ready meals and takeaways.

The survey, commissioned by the Stilton Cheese Makers Association (SCMA), also found that with 61% were trying new recipes and 60% said they actively looked at ways of livening up everyday meals.

Robin Skailes, chairman of the SCMA and director of Cropwell Bishop Creamery, said: “Despite the frustrations of lockdown as we combat Covid-19, the upside is that we are all cooking more food from scratch, trying new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients.

“We are encouraging consumers to start using Stilton as a versatile ingredient which can inspire and brighten up everyday dishes – from soups to souffles, sandwiches to burgers.”

The survey found that the new-found enthusiasm for cooking rose to 76% among those aged 18-34; looked at regionally it seems those living in London and Northern Ireland are lead the charge.

Over half (59%) said that they were cooking more since lockdown began, with 40% saying there has been no change and just 2% are doing less. The responses also suggest that interest in home cooking is being passed on to younger generations with 42% of households saying their children are also doing more cooking since lockdown began.

The research also reveals that during the Covid-19 crisis, 65% of British consumers are much more likely to buy British produce to support farmers and 55% are more likely to buy British cheese instead of French or Italian cheeses.