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CleanEvent Services Ltd

CleanEvent Services Ltd

Tomas Gronager
0333 210 0130

CleanKitchen Services – fully managed support services for kitchen and catering operations in the UK

Part of the CleanEvent family, CleanKitchen brings an upgraded kitchen cleaning & porter service to food preparation facilities of all types and sizes.

Our teams understand the importance of attention to detail, EHO compliance and end-user experience as part of the daily operation of any commercial kitchen. This assurance enables our clients to focus on the complex creative and logistical processes of high quality, high volume, contemporary food production.

You prep great food experiences. We maintain the prep areas.

Hygiene Assurance

We ensure that our staff are fully familiarised and trained to a minimum Food Hygiene Level 2 compliance. This ensures that the following topics are fully understood:

  • Food Hazards and Food Poisoning
  • Personal Hygiene
  • The 4 C's of Food Safety
  • Procedures and Premises

To keep this real, we deliver the training in 31 different languages, this overcomes any issues with English as a second language for the porters and cleaners in your kitchen.

Expertise and Experience

We provide kitchen cleaning, porters and back of house services to famous locations across the venue sector. Each location serves guests across the widest of demographic ranges. Our staff provide clean, compliant food prep areas for all points between fine dining experiences and mass-production fast food. This experience will enable a seamless fit into the specific requirements of your kitchen.


We know how cost base and margins have been squeezed in recent years. The rising cost of ingredients, supplies, energy and labour has placed a high premium on ensuring costs are strictly controlled. Our managed service means that budgets are complied with in real time and are aligned closely to your projected covers and incoming revenue. This comes from understanding the ebb and flow of your guest volumes and the seasonality of your food prep activity. Active budget management and accurate rostering of staff becomes mutually beneficial in the partner relationship.

Dedicated & Motivated Staff – From an Experienced, Core Service Provider

We train and nurture our staff to be genuine, ‘hands-on’ kitchen assistants across the whole working day. Our FRESH values (Flexibility, Responsibility, Empowerment, Sustainability and Honesty), provide a framework for us to develop key service skills in our teams. Our people are rewarded with Living Wage Foundation rates of pay, genuine career-path development opportunities and spot-prize FRESH awards for ‘extra mile’ attitudes. Our people are willing to help, willing to learn and always take ownership.

Consistency & Reliability

We recognise that staff churn is rife across many suppliers in this sector. In a relatively healthy labour-market, job-switching or selective attendance can become a factor in any kitchen setting. Having a leader and a role model in each back of house team builds teamwork and mutual respect across the KP and Kitchen Cleaner group. Close working relationships with the chef team and alignment with house rules brings with it heightened levels of staff reliability and consistency of cleaning outcomes.

This methodology has served us well at locations including the London Hippodrome Casino where zero CleanEvent / CleanKitchen shifts have been left uncovered in the last nine years.

Compliance Assurance

Our empathetic approach to ensuring that Scores on the Doors default to a “five” rating is central to our offer. We acknowledge that elements of the EHO inspection process are out of our direct control. For those elements that are – excellence is assured. Our main impact is ensuring that the structural compliance element of the inspection passes muster. This can often be the first impression that the inspector gains from entering your kitchen, and potentially sets the tone for the inspection of other key elements (Food Hygiene & Safety and Confidence in Management).

Track Record

We have a capability track record and certified company profile that enables you to place your trust in us. As members of the CSSA (Cleaning & Support Services Association) and the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) we have highly recognised support and training resources to draw upon. In addition, our full suite of ISO accreditations (9001, 14001, 45001) and Safe Contractor / CHAS memberships means that what we say we do actually gets done. Our recent induction to the Craft Guild of Chefs adds further insight into our activities in kitchen settings. Our certified Carbon Neutral Plus and Living Wage Foundation credentials also add to our standing as an ethical and sustainable entity.

Peace of Mind – Task Focus

Keeping menus relevant, innovative and contemporary is a hugely complex challenge for all chef-creators in the sector. Ensuring that all interests from cost to quality, aesthetics to allergen safety are met and exceeded are all part of the complex puzzle of modern, bulk food preparation. In the heat of such real-world / real-time challenges, wondering if and when the KP is going to turn up - should not be in the equation. Additionally, overseeing the productivity and cleaning outcomes of these members of the team only serves to distract. The CleanKitchen / CleanEvent managed back of house service takes these issues away. You focus on the food. We’ll focus on the washing up.