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Control Induction

Control Induction

Hilary Snelgrove
01622 872821

Control Induction is the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke cooking suites and induction stoves.

From design to installation, each suite is tailored to our customer’s individual needs by our highly experienced team. Our team includes experts in cooking, electronics, manufacturing and kitchen design. Each suite is built in our factory in the heart of the Kent countryside. With the same staff often building the stove and also carrying out the installation, we give each stove TLC all the way from conception, through installation to training and after sales service.

 A bespoke suite is the only way to have equipment perfectly suited to your kitchen. We have a considerable portfolio of individually designed suites that can be viewed on our website including one of our largest one-piece cooking suites installed for Roux Scholar Matt Tomkinson at ‘The Montagu Arms’ in the New Forest, a substantial fourteen square meters.

When designing a commercial cooking suite we don't start by trying to supply our product, we look at what will be the best way to improve the quality of the cooked food at the pass while improving the efficiency, cooking environment and functionality.

Our suites provide high consistent output, can improve comfort and ergonomics, help reduce traffic, and reduce energy costs. The equipment we suggest is dictated by the above factors. We genuinely propose what we think is best for the kitchen and not what we'd like to supply. This, coupled with our broad knowledge of equipment, is what makes chefs and owners alike love our cooking suite and kitchen designs.

David Wykes at Verveine in Milford, Hants tweeted ‘These induction hobs have cut job times in half and lowered kitchen temps massively’.

Our suite products allow for precision cooking, speed and efficiency. Prevailing are the Slider®, French Plancha and Salamander.

The Slider® is the pinnacle of induction cooking technology. If you need maximum output from the smallest area, with reliability and functionality that chefs love, the Slider® is the obvious choice.

The Control Induction French Plancha has been described as ‘the star’ in the kitchen by John Howe of the 4 AA rosette ‘Lumière’ in Cheltenham. The French Plancha now sits quietly in several Michelin starred restaurants, carefully making sure every piece of meat or fish is cooked to perfection.

The Salamander is a powerful, flexible, efficient, rapid heat-up grill that forms an integral part of most commercial kitchens and many of our induction cooking suites.

Having built so many configurations of induction stoves and suites means that we have probably made something similar to what you are looking for. Unlike some of our competitors, all are manufactured with a 3mm one-piece hygienic work surface as standard. We also have entry level induction duty, enabling us to offer a solution to meet most kitchen budgets.

All of our cooking suites are efficient, eco-friendly, user friendly and come with a lifetime warranty

To find out more about Control Induction, please visit our website.