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Electrolux Professional Limited

Electrolux Professional Limited

Paul Wright, Head of Marketing
07977 672703

Electrolux Professional Group is a leading global provider of food service, beverage and laundry solutions, serving a wide range of customers, from restaurants and hotels to healthcare, educational and other service facilities.

Our range of commercial food service equipment is vast; including combi ovens, cooking ranges, refrigeration, dynamic prep, cold and hot beverage, dishwashing and more, allowing us to offer a one stop shop for your equipment needs. We focus on solutions where there is a need for high-performing, reliable equipment, with sustainability always in mind, allowing us to deliver long-term value for our customers.

If you are interested in viewing or testing any of your products we have the Center of Excellence in Luton, where we offer customers innovative training concepts and memorable experiences.

The Center of Excellence is designed to offer a complete and customized experience. Guests are invited to take a deep dive into the entire Electrolux Professional product and customer care portfolio, discovering our flagship innovations and enjoying seminars, events and live demonstrations in the training kitchen with our Development Chefs.

Making a booking to use the Centre of Excellence is simple. The meeting rooms, showrooms and technical training area can be booked by contacting your local area representative or emailing [email protected] - Center of Excellence, Luton – Electrolux Professional Group – The OnE trusted Partner