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Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz Foodservice is committed to making life delicious by supporting chefs with a versatile range of high-quality products that elevate menus, bring great depth of flavour to dishes and ultimately excite customers.

Kraft Heinz Foodservice is also well known for the support it provides chefs and Out Of Home businesses by providing them with tools to make ingredients shine, access to industry knowledge and to share culinary trends that help keep businesses ahead of the competition.

The convenience of the products – from the goodness within them, to packaging options and a distinct heritage familiar to many - means less food waste, more returning diners and a cost-effective kitchen.

While growing its offering of crowd-pleasing classics and emerging tabletop heroes, Kraft Heinz Foodservice pledges to making a sustainable, ethical impact while helping feed the world in healthier and more sustainable ways.

Its expert team develops and creates fresh twists for dishes, with products that customers know and love such as the Heinz Professional Mayonnaise range, which is made by chefs, for chefs. It works as an innovative solution to suit even more culinary requirements within the pub, restaurant, and casual dining arena.

Find out more and discover the range at Alternatively, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]