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NOWAH Catering Equipment Ltd

NOWAH Catering Equipment Ltd

Michael George
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NOWAH is a young company, but we are driven by a clear vision and fierce passion to provide excellent equipment, excellent service, and outstanding training opportunities for catering professionals.

Utilizing over 50 years of international business development expertise, we sourced equipment, and secured the UK Representation & Distribution of exceptional products, from Italian, US, and British manufacturers with long and respected histories spanning 40, 60, and even 130 years.

We are proud to hold the brands, AVANCINI, KEMPLEX, LA PASTAIA, GGF, JUSTA, and NOWAH in our company portfolio.

Thanks to our suppliers, we provide catering professionals with no-frills equipment that is reliable, robust and long-lasting. Our dedicated engineers, with backup from a national network of service partners, allows us to provide highly skilled, trustworthy warranty and service aftercare. With the support of associates and visionary master chefs, we create inspiring experiences and outstanding training & personal development opportunities for enthusiastic catering professionals.

We know how passionate chefs are about their efforts because we feel the same about our work, and the role our products play in creating something memorable.

The brands we supply are found in locations from small local restaurants to some of the most renowned fine-dining establishments, and culinary schools, in the UK including, Savoy Grill, The Celtic Collection, Brown's Hotel (London), Le Cordon Bleu (London); while internationally, the brands are found in 5-star hotel groups such as, Hilton, Marriot, InterContinental, Rocco Forte, Sheraton, Four Seasons, and Kempinski.

The products we sell are selected because of their Quality, Reliability, Durability, and Quality-to-Price Ratio.

All the products we sell are designed and built to the highest standards and with the end-user in mind. The equipment’s ease-of-use, and their no-frills aspect, simply underlines the functionality, practicality, and reliability of the products. The longevity of the equipment we supply has been strongly demonstrated over many decades and is reinforced by numerous testimonials.

Our Suppliers:

FELLOWS – Est. 1895. FELLOWS is a specialist manufacturer of stainless-steel products and an expert in the Deep Drawing processes used.

AVANCINI – Est. 1963. AVANCINI is a specialist manufacturer of spiral mixers for restaurants, supermarkets, and bakeries. Mixer capacities vary from 7.5L up to 267L. Avancini manufacture 4 models in 32 variations.

LA PASTAIA – Est. 1963. LA PASTAIA is a specialist manufacturer of pasta-making machines for restaurants, hotels, and pasta-making businesses. Machines are available with production capabilities from 5 kg/hr up to 2,000 kg/day.

GGF – Est. 1985. GGF is a specialist manufacturer of deck style pizza ovens, non-steam deck ovens for trays, gas rotisseries, and small appliances for pizza preparation. GGF manufacture 9 models in 78 variations, including energy-saving fully stone-lined ovens, and the +1500 pizzas in 1hr world record holding ovens.

KEMPLEX – Est. 1986. KEMPLEX is a specialist manufacturer of dough sheeters and planetary mixers for pastry-making professionals; they manufacture 14 models of dough sheeter.

JUSTA – Est. 1992. JUSTA is a specialist manufacturer of prime cooking equipment for hotels and restaurants such as, combination ovens, range and convection ovens, grills/ griddles, and fryers. JUSTA is a fully owned subsidiary of the ITW group, that also owns renowned manufacturers, Hobart, Foster Refrigeration, Bonnet, Wolf, Vulcan, Baxter, Berkel, and Gamko, among others.

NOWAH – Est. 2020. All NOWAH branded equipment is sourced from one trusted factory and three of the above suppliers. We do not purchase or sell equipment from any other sources.


Training Experiences

Avancini Spiral Mixers

Kemplex Dough Sheeters

La Pastaia Fresh Pasta-making Machines

Exclusive for Craft Guild of Chefs members: Receive 3% off the purchase price of your appliance. Please remind your equipment supplier of this offer and call us in advance of placing your order.