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Oranka Juice Solutions

Oranka Juice Solutions

Troy Smith, Managing Director
0330 998 0555​

Oranka Juice Solutions are the leading supplier of fruit juices and smoothies across the UK offering:


  • Extensive choice – Over 85 juices and smoothies including freshly pressed, not from concentrate, ice teas or multi-vitamin drinks…or even vitamin packed super juices and smoothies
  • Variety and diversity - Seasonal flavours, organic, Fairtrade and low sugar products suitable for diabetics
  • Tailored approach – Many dispensing solutions options for low to high volume catering, perfectly matched to meet fine dining, hospitality, outside catering or staff restaurant requirements
  • Ideal day parted solution – Ability to easily adapt and change drinks, flavours and dispensers to suit the time of day
  • Join up seamlessly - Tried and tested dispensing and presentation concepts, with juices that can be stored at room temperature unopened for 12 months and reduce packaging waste by up to 95%

Free trial. Free on loan dispensers. No contracts.