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Riso Gallo

Riso Gallo

T: 0113 834 7946

Riso Gallo

Established in 1856 in Genoa by Giovanni Battista, the company is still owned and managed by the 6th generation of the founding family, now based in Robbio, Piedmonte, Italy. Over the last 160 years, Riso Gallo has built a reputation throughout the world as the premium producer of Italian and speciality rice products and the superior quality is enjoyed by everyone from Michelin Starred chefs to home cooks, selling over 50 million packets around the world.

Riso Gallo combines passion, tradition and technology to deliver a consistently high quality service. Loyal consumer base: Gallo’s superior quality is loved by chefs, gourmets, and people passionate about food.

Riso Gallo produces rice in the Northern Po Valley, the single biggest rice growing area in Europe, where many tasty rice varieties are grown, among which are the world famous Risotto rice.

Passionate about giving shoppers the best experience and also supplying chefs with the best grains coming out of Italy.


The Riso Gallo range includes traditional risotto rices, speciality grains and ready meals.