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21st October 2020

Autumn 2020

Written by: Rebecca


It’s been an unbelievable time for the hospitality industry - each day it is becoming a challenge in one way or another - but the Guild has been very active in trying to support various projects and playing its part in being there for all chefs where possible.

We have been very busy during the lockdown, starting with the new app, which was launched in the week beginning 5th October. This provides another platform for members and non-members to explore the many activities and calendar dates that the Guild has to offer, in encouraging all chefs to either become a member, or helping you to retain your membership. Feedback about the app will be most useful, so please do share with us any thoughts or ideas you may have about how it might be improved.

Some of the other projects we have been launching include the College Accreditation programme, in which any college can be assessed by our expert team to gauge the level of teaching being offered, the courses, the facilities and dining experience. It is then awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

We are also launching a new one-to-one mentoring programme, based on what our members have been requesting, and I believe this will be vital moving forward for many reasons. On the charity side of things, we are establishing a long-term relationship with the Beyond Food Foundation in helping homeless people develop a career in hospitality. The main man behind this amazing work is Simon Boyle, and I’m very passionate in supporting this incredible work for chefs.

Huge credit has to go to David Mulcahy, Clair Bowman, Steve Munkley and all the supporting teams that have simply worked some magic in maintaining YNCOTY, NCOTY and the Graduate awards during these challenging times. This is a brilliant example of what you can achieve by going the extra mile, by using technology and creative thinking and, of course, a lot of hard work. The results were simply amazing.

The last focus at this time is driving our membership, as we have so many benefits in place for all levels currently, and incentives like the

ones above are an example of what we are offering. Others include the fact that members are able to get CODE Hospitality, by using which you can save up to 50% on meals at some of the top restaurants around. Members are able to get this at a discounted price of £39.99. And don’t forget that hospital medical care and legal services are also open to our members, so please do take a look at the membership section of the websitep.

On a final note, I want to sincerely thank all my current committee members who have been working tirelessly in making changes and preparing us for the future, and with your support will make us even stronger.

Best Wishes to you all, and stay positive and creative whilst this virus continues to create havoc.

Andrew Bennett,
National Chair
Craft Guild of Chefs